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I know The Village in the Trees Arc isn't finished yet, but I thought I would go ahead and do this anyway, because I love doing these little fact journals. ^^

- All elves in Starfall were originally supposed to have tails and digitigrade legs, but this was abandoned because it would be too similar to a species introduced later in the series.

- In all honesty, Baldwin Barashell has to be my least favorite main antagonist of the series so far. I think I tried too hard in trying to make him an interesting antagonist.

- Baldwin Barashell is loosely based off of Spandam from One Piece in terms of appearance.

- There was supposed to be a different member of the Family other than Krebs in my original thought process for this arc. The original character was named Marfor, and he was meant to be a dark mage. I will definitely use Marfor in a future arc. 

- Hagalaz was meant to have a bit of a flashback as to how he came to work for the Lussio family, sadly, I never ended up finding a good place to put this flashback.

- The Wise Six were originally meant to play a much larger part in the arc's story. 

- The Wise Six are actually based off of the trees from Angry Orchard, which I started drinking whilst writing this arc. 

- As of right now, this arc is the longest in the series, with a total of 18 chapters, two of which are still to be written!

- A very obscure and crazy reference, but Bonaparte Barashell is based off of a character named Little Bonaparte from the movie Some Like it Hot.

- In the scene where Beaugard knocks out Lord Respen, the part in which the former places a flower in the latter's hand was a random thought I had for no reason. I thought it was funny, so I added it. 

- I actually considered Elder Goermling to be the arc's main antagonist at one point, revealing that he had been acting senile to fool everyone and distract them from his plans! Honestly would have been more interesting than Baldwin, I think. 

- Jilbiska, the sexy naga working for the Family, is supposed to have something resembling a South American accent.

- The more I wrote Cier, the more I fell in love with her character. She's just a big, lovable, pink goofball. 

- Bobka was supposed to reveal his voice towards the end of his fight with Tanya and Cier, however, I decided to keep him mute

- BIG one here... Enhanced are introduced in this arc, and don't expect an explanation as to where they came from, because even I have run out of feasible ideas as to how they came to be. So, they are basically like X-Men mutants, just people born with strange and unique powers.

- A soldier told Al that a majority of the Family's army are artificially enhanced. I meant to elaborate that these soldiers had blood transfusions with Bobka, giving them the same tank-like strength as Bobka.

- The Red Hat Ladies - Bonaparte's group of personal guards - are based off of a real life socialite group of the same name. 

- Beaugard's flashback sections are probably my favorite parts of this arc. 

- The final few lines during the fist fight between Al and Lailythe were inspired by the movie Snatch. 

- This arc ranks #2 on my personal favorite arcs list, #1 being The Corrupted.

- Aniel was originally meant to resemble Fang from Final Fantasy XIII. In the end, she became a fusion of Fang, and Nico Robin from One Piece

- Baldwin's walking stick was originally meant to be a sheleighly with a knife hidden inside. 

I guess that's all! ^^
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LordTerrantos Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017  Student Artist
Interesting facts,  some which i would not of known until now.    Maybe i should consider making my own Fact Journals on WLD Haha.

Like how Aniel became a fusion of Fang and Robin tho
Reyai-Bloodrose Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017
Thanks dude! ^^
LordTerrantos Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2017  Student Artist
No Problem =D
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